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  • steel construction, steel constructions, construction materials, building materials, steel, iron, cement, food, foodstuff, bigbag, slingbag, coal, fuel oil, construction material, building material, steels, irons, cements, foods, foodstuffs, bigbags, slingbags, coals, fuel oils
    Bereketli Petrol Ürünleri Taş. Gıda İnş.San ve Tic.A.Ş. was founded in 1999 by Kınaylar Petrol A.Ş. with the leadership of Mustafa Kınay. Fuel, Oil, coal in 2000 Cement and
    Telephone: +90 326 290 39 99 Address: Atatürk Cad., Kavaslı Mah., Hüsamettin Ocak Apt., No: 1/3, Antakya, Hatay, TURKEY
  • big bag, fibc bag packaging packer, big bags, fibc bag packaging packers
    big bag, FIBC bag packaging
    Telephone: 3422150195 Address: İncilipınar Mh 4 Nolu Cd Sait Sayın İş Mrk No:13, Turkey
  • packing, packaging, FIBC, Bigbag, Big bag, Tape
    We are manufacturer bigbag and special packing . We are producer of different type of liners for big bags.Our company is located in Turkey. We may provide you below type of
    Telephone: 00905530075475 Address: Akçaburgaz mah 3032 sok no 4 Esenyurt
  • bigbag
    Telephone: 0 535 833 54 18 Address: MİMARSİNAN ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 23.CD NO: 10 MELİKGAZİ / KAYSERİ
  • calcite moulding units, perlite expansion facilities, construction chemical facilities, bigbag discharging stations, big bag discharging staions, plastic granule facilities, cement facilities, plaster facilities, micronized sieving facilities, calcite micronized facilities, ball mills, mixers, circular sieves, sieves, jet pulse filters, radial fans, fans, bunkers, seperators, packing machines, packaging machines, bigbag filling machines, big bag filling machines, air locks, airlocks, mining equipment, mining equipments, mining machine, mining machineries, mining machinery, mining machines
    EGEAY Machinery is one of the few companies that manufactures all the equipments that make up the system in such plant installations all over the world. EGEAY Makine has been
    Telephone: +90 382 266 21 71 Address: Yavuz Selim OSB Mah. Mehmet Altınsoy Bulvarı No: 5, Merkez, Aksaray, Turkey
  • big bag, big bags, bigbag, fibc bag, packaging, pe big bag, pe bigbag
    Big Bag, FIBC Bag,
    Telephone: 02627512368 Address: Pelitli Yolu Üzeri Orjin Binası Kat:2, Turkey
  • bigbag, pack
  • pp bag, pp sack, bigbag, kraft bag, shading net, jute bag, hessian cloth, qbag, bulk bag, fibc, shade net
    Erkim Packaging Bags and sacks, one of Turkey's leading packaging producers, carries out production with many years of experience has given using quality materials and advanced
    Telephone: 00903422253052 Address: 2. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 83230 nolu cadde No:5 Şehitkmail/Gaziantep-Türkiye
  • carpet, still, packaging, textile, apparel, food, electricity, energy, canvas, bigbag sack, toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs
    Telephone: +90 342 324 85 03 Address: İncilipınar Mahallesi 4 Nolu Cadde Yüncüler İş Mrk Kat 3 No 73 Şehitkamil Gaziantep, Turkey
  • bigbag, bigbags
    Telephone: 03425020366 Address: 1.organize sanayi bölgesi 1.kısım 83102 nolu cadde no:2
  • asbest container bag, big bag, bigbag, bulk bag, cement big bag, fibc, jumbo bag, q bag, ventilated bag
    We created Kare Synthetic Packaging Ind., in 2008 in order to offer our quality to our customers by our products and service. We have 90.000 bags/month manufacture capacity in
    Telephone: 05333897633 Address: Taskopru Cad. No:68 Nizip Gaziantep, Turkey
  • bigbags, pp bigbags, q bags, baffle bigbags, 4 loops bigbags, cross corner bigbags, 1 loop bigbags, 2 loops bigbags, sling bags, ventilated potato bags, sacks, bigbag, pp bigbag, q bag, baffle bigbag, 4 loops bigbag, cross corner bigbag, 1 loop bigbag, 2 loops bigbag, sling bag, ventilated potato bag, sack, side seam loops bigbags, cross corner loops bigbags, tunnel sleeve lift bigbags, two lifting straps bigbags, hood lift bigbags, ancillary loops bigbags, double stevedore bigbags
    As Koc Sentetik we manufacture and supply bigbags, pp bigbags, q bags, baffle bigbags, 4 loops bigbags, cross corner bigbags, 1 loop bigbags, 2 loops bigbags, sling bags,
    Telephone: +90 533 441 40 23 Address: 2. Org. San. Böl., Vali Muammer Güler Blv., No: 32/C, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • 4 loops lifting products, big bag, big bags, bigbag, bigbags, carrying bags, cube type bigbags, cube type carrying bags, cube-type bigbags, handle type bigbags, single loop bigbags, single loop carrying bags, sling bag carrying bags, sling bag type bigbags, standard bigbags, standard carrying bags, suture
    Hayat Iplik was established in 2006 and now it is one of the preferred companies of bigbag industry with continuous innovation and superior quality conscious bigbags. Aiming to be
    Telephone: +90 352 221 15 82 Address: Organize San. Böl. 24. Cd. No: 24 Melikgazi - Kayseri, Turkey
  • mining operations, bentonite, white bentonite, white calcium bentonite, cat litter, infrastructure works, infrastructure operations, heavy duty transport, heavy duty freight, heavy duty shipping, harbor ship unloading services, harbor ship loading services, heavy transport services, mining works, bigbag packed bentonite, carton packaged bentonite, polyethylene packaged bentonite, bucket packaged bentonite, packaged bentonite, bentonite in paper bag, bentonite in paper sack, bentonite clay
    Founded in 1974 in relation to Infrastructure Construction Works, the Company started to work in the mining field by starting the Marble Cooking Operation at the beginning of the
    Telephone: +90 452 433 70 65 Address: Yenipazar Mahallesi, Yenipazar Semti Lüme Evleri, No: 97/1, Fatsa, Ordu, Turkey
  • rear diggers, ploughs, cultivators, fertilizer spreader, bean harvester machine, potato harvester machine, rear shovel, spare parts, harvesting machinery, chisel plough, agricultural machines, agricultural machineries, harvesters, bean harvesters, potato harvesters, chisel plows, plows, ploughs, chisel ploughs, loading cranes, potato loading cranes, loaders, bigbag loaders, bigbag loading cranes, threshing shovels, trailers, agricultural tools, agricultural machine parts, agricultural machinery
    We have stepped into machinery sector with Özaslan Makine in 2007 and in 2011 we have raised our second company Niğsac Yalıtım Co. Ltd. In order to meet all the needs of our
    Telephone: +90 (388) 233 32 29 Address: Efendibey Mh. Kayseri Yolu Caddesi No: 203 Niğde / Turkey
  • tanker, loading, bellows, integrated, dust, collector, chute, telescopic, loading, bellows, spout, open, truck, loading, bellows, tanker, loading, bellows, bulk, blow, drop, through, rotary valves, airlock, manual, bag, openers, dump, station, silo, bin, activators, bigbag, big bag, sack discharcers, filling, systems, butterfly, slide, pinch, diverter, pressure, relief, actuators, valve, klape, vibroaerator, quick flow, airjet, pads, dust, collector, silotop, filter, jet, pulse, pressure
    Nöron Engineering Machine L.C. is an engineer based company which carries on a business in the fields of pnomatik mechanic transporting, storing, dosing, big bag discharging -
    Telephone: +90 312 367 25 71 Address: Ostim O.S.B. Mah., Ahi Evran Cad., Ahi İş Merkezi No: 23/29, 06105, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • salt, table salt, industrial salt, culinary products, refined salt, rock salt, refined rock salt, salt with iodine, salt without iodine, pickling salt, rock salt with iodine, rock salt without iodine, nitrite salt, salt for food, rock salt for food, salt for food industry, rock salt for food industry, refined industrial salt, industrial rock salt, refined industrial rock salt, powder salt, bigbag refined salt, bigbag salt, refined table salt, de-icing salt, anti icing salt, raw salt rock
    SAFİR Salt Food, Mining, Marketing, Distribution, Construction, Import/Export Industry and Trade Co. Ltd., which was founded as the first Rock Salt factory of Turkey with the
    Telephone: +90 312 285 35 37  Address: Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, 2155. Cadde, No:4/31-32 Nep Oficce Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • big bag, jut qbag, sling bag, liner, croscorner
    Telephone: 05324154069 Address: kurtoğlu işhanı kat 2 no. 32 adapazarı/SAKARYA
  • Bigbag, FIBC, SUNBAG, Standart Bigbag, Q Bigbag, Valve Bigbag, Conductive Bigbag, UN Bigbag, Dust Proof, Net Baffle, Bigbag Net Baffle, Gambo Liner, Aluminium Liner, Bag, Bags, Sacks, Plastic Bags, Poly Bag, Plastic Bag, Polythene Bags, Leather Bag, Polythene Bag, Jute Bag, Hdpe Bags, Shopping Bag, Garbage Bag, Polypropylene Bags, Woven Bags, Garbage Bags, Leather Bags, Jumbo Bags, Bag Manufacturing, Refuse Bags, Jumbo Bag, Trash Bag, Plastics Bags, Polypropylene Bag, Woven Bag, Rice Bags, Polyethylene Bag, Hdpe Bag, Rice Bag, Manufacturing Bags
    Our company began as a subcontractor in the Sunjut site in 1995. Our company resigned form Sunjut with our consituent team in 2000. Our company has started production with 35
    Telephone: 05312983405 Address: AKÇABURGAZ MH. 34 SK. NO: 4 Esenyurt/İSTANBUL
  • ambalage, big bag, big bag filling machine, big bag handling, big bag unloading loading, bigbag, bigbag, bigbag sack, bulk bag, container bags, industrial type sack, jumbo bag, package, plastic sack, pp bigbag, pp sack, raw material transporting, sack packaging, sling bag, sutaplas
    Sutaplas Big Bag packaging Ltd. Co, as an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 certified company, is located in the center of Istanbul. As a family owned company, SUTAPLAS is
    Telephone: 0090 216 479 94 78  Address: Çengeldere Cad. No:107 Çavuşbaşı- Beykoz, Turkey
  • Pp Bigbag, Pp Fabric Sacks, Pp Cf Fiber, Pp Fabric, Stitching Sack Mouth, Standard Big Bag, Big-Bag Sacks, Agriculture, Construction, Mine, Conductive Big Bag, Ventilated Big Bag, Q Bag, Bigbag Cross Corner, Container Bag, Container Liner Bag, Wheat Sacks, Lentil Sacks, Chickpea Sacks, Rice Dry Bulk Cargo Sacks, Packaging, Products
    Telephone: +90 342 337 37 61 Address: 2.organize sanayi bölgesi 83221 no'lu cadde no: Şehitkamil/GAZİANTEP
  • PP bigbag, PP fabric sacks, PP CF fiber, PP fabric, polyester fiber, , , , , , , , ,
  • animal feed bags, laminated and opp bags, bags of foodstuff, packet twine, bag top sewing twine, packing twine, baler twine, pp ropes, greenhouse twine, soilless growing twine, reaper binder twine, big baler twine, greenhouse hook twine, under roofing fabric, carpet weft yarn, colon webbing yarn, bigbag sewing yarn, packaging products, agricultural products, textile products
    Telephone: (342) 477-16-30 Address: KÖRKÜN MAH. ÖKKEŞ YİĞİT BLV. NO: 15 OĞUZELİ GAZİANTEP
  • big bag, bigbag, fibc, pp bigbag, pp sack, sack
    Production PP Bigbag
    Telephone: 0262 563 70 41 Address: Kandıra / Kocaeli, Turkey
  • PE Inner Bigbag Liner, PE Bag, PE Shrink Film Roll, PE Shrink Bags, Pallet film, Packaging
    Telephone: 90 216 593 09 75 Address: Istanbul Anadolu Yakası OSB. 7.Sokak No:2 Tuzla Istanbul / turkey
  • bigbag, bigbags
    Telephone: 9 0 266 239 54 01 Address: ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 4. CAD. NO:19balıkesir- turkey
  • coated bigbag, uncoated bigbag, bigbag with dustproof, bigbag without dustproof, bigbag with pe liner, bigbag without pe liner, un bags, un bag, bag, bags
    Telephone: 90 216 5929191 Address: ADİL MAH. BAŞAK SOK. NO.2 K.1-2-3 D.2-3-4, SULTANBEYLİ, İSTANBUL
  • pp sack, bigbag, pp fabric, pe film, plastics
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2154267 Address: ODUNCULAR SİTESİ 96 NOLU SK. D:8, GAZIANTEP, TURKEY
  • PP bigbag, PP fabric sacks, PP fabric, PP CF fiber
  • packing, big bag, bigbag, big bags, fibc
    Telephone: 5304670271 Address: Turkey
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