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  • built, cooker hood, electric stove, extractor hood, instantaneous kettles, laser cooking points, oven, quartz stove, stove, water heater
    Stove, oven, cooker hood, extractor hood, Built, Water Heater, Instantaneous kettles, Electric Stove, Laser cooking points, Quartz
    Telephone: 0216 452 23 23 Address: Yeni Mahalle Tevfik Fikret Sokak No: 40 Soğanlık Kartal, Turkey
  • kettle, electric kettle, tea kettle, water kettle, cordless kettle, glass kettle, stainless steel kettle
    Leifan Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd (Leifan) was established in 2008, located in Ronggui,Shunde District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China. Shunde district is the heart of
    Telephone: 8675723619655 Address: The Four Cross Road No. 2, Tianhe Industry District, Ronggui, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China.
  • electric kettles, fans, rice cooker, pressure cooker, vacumn cleaner, jucer, iron, air humidifier, yogurt maker, egg boiler, indiction, white goods
    Foshan Zhenyuan Trading Company locates in the famous household electric appliances and furniture manufacturing base in China——Shunde District in Guangdong Province. Our scope of
    Telephone: 0086-757-22222225 Address: 20th floor, Jianshe Building, Daliang Town, Shunde District
  • electrical appliances, electrical house appliances, electric appliances, electronic appliances, home appliances, kitchen appliances, electric home appliances, electric kitchen appliances, electronic home appliances, electronic kitchen appliances, bagless vacuum cleaner, toast-grill machine, kettle, juice extractor, hair-dryers, water filter, iron, steam iron, hair cutter, haircut machine, epilator, bathroom scales, electronic scales, digital scales, water dispenser, fan, steam cleaners, cooker
    Why KING ? • It was founded in 1954. The oldest company in Turkey in small household appliances. It is one of premilary domestic producers in the sector. It began production in
    Telephone: +90 212 544 51 52 Address: İbrahim Ağa Caddesi, 2. Emintaş San. Sitesi, No:20/2, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • hotel equipments, kettle, hair dryers, wooden tray, wooden service tray, kitchenware, hotel kitchen equipments, hotel supplies, kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, scales, suitcase stand, hotel type scales, hotel hair dryers, foldable suitcase tables, safe, electronic safe, safe for hotel, minibar ventilation, minibar ventilations, ventilation equipments, ventilation devices, cooling systems, beverage coolers, beverage cooler, hotel room equipment, electric water heater, wooden tray, chille
    KLEO provides services in minibar and room equipment products market for the areas defined below. 1. Corporate and Retail Sale Services It constantly supports its customers
    Telephone: +90 532 5462432 Address: Tarım Mah. Perge Bulvarı, Enyar Apt. 23/1, Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkey
  • electric kettle, electric teakettle, water boiler, electric water boiler, teakettle, plastic electric kettle, electric immerse kettle, hot water boiler
    NINGBO OUPU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is an electric household appliance manufacturing company, which was founded in 1992, specializing in the production of electric kettle, blender,
    Telephone: 86-574-58962186 Address: Henghe, Cixi
  • electric kettle, electric oven, gas stove, electric kettles, electric ovens, gas stoves
    Shengxun Electronic Manufacture Co., Ltd, located in the famous overseas Chinese hometown—Jiangmen City, China. SHENGXUN is an aggressive and experienced house appliances
    Telephone: 0086-0750-3372670 Address: NO.38,Xiyongli,Baishi,Pengjiang District,Jiangmen,Guangdong,China
  • home appliances, electric fans etc, electric kettles, hair dryers, humifidiers, rice cookers
    profeesinal in home appliances sourcing and
    Telephone: 86-757-22222225 Address: Guangdong China
  • kitchen appliances, electric kettle, electric air pot, electric oven, blender, juicer, mixer, soymilk maker, cloth drying, portable clothes dryer
    Zhongshan Opaye Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional home appliances manufacture in China. Opaye company is a one of the leading companies to produce the professional electric
    Telephone: 86-760-22786483 Address: Anle zone,Dongfeng Town
  • cans, granite, dowry, pressure cookers, teapots, pressure cooker, electric teapots, coffee pot sets, tea machines, kettles, granite sets, granite, ceramic
    Telephone: 90 212 6171260 Address: KARADENİZ MAH. CEBECİ CAD. NO:181/C, G.OSMANPAŞA, İSTANBUL
  • home electronic, home electronics, kettle, kettles, electric kettle, electric kettles
    Specialized in production of mini and normal size electronic kettles,Zhongshan Hongwei&Appliance Co.,ltd. Its products of over 30 kinds of specifications and modes are
    Telephone: 86 13610459184 Address: Tongle Town,Zhongshan City
  • blender, mixer, refrigerator, deep freeze, tea coffee machines, slicing machine, bread toasting machines, electric grill, barbecue, vacuum cleaners, electric cookware, fryer, pests and fly repellents, heaters, stoves, solid fruit juicers, corn blasting machines, kitchen weights, quarries, bakery, kettle, toaster machines, irons, ventilators
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