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  • plasma consumables, laser consumables, oxy fuel counsumables, suitable for hypertherm, suitable for saf, suitable for esab, suitable for kjellberg, suitable for trumpf, suitable for bystronic, suitable for ajan, electrode nozzle shield, silver core, copper, silver, vespel, viton, retaining cap, shield cap, swirl ring, powermax, hpr, hifocus, finefocus
    B&Bartoni is a Czech manufacturer of plasma, laser and oxy fuel cutting consumables. The production is solely in the Czech Republic and we serve around the globe with our own
    Telephone: 0090541278664 Address: Kalabak Mah. 3247 Sk. No:5/A Urla Izmir Turkey
  • pain mangagement rf lesion generator, rf electrode, rf cannula
    BNS was established in 2005 and is located in Beijing. The company is committed to R&D, production and sales of RF. It belongs to the national high-tech enterprise. After more
    Telephone: +86 18610310604 Address: Bldg5, No.375, Jushancun, Sijiqing, Haidian, Beijing, P.R.China
  • machines, machineries, machine spare parts, rolling benches, bearings, sleeves, bearing sleeves, pinch rolls, loop benches, disassembly apparatus, tempcores, flat steel winder pinch rolls, pinch roll boxes, tempcore boxes, horizontal loop benches, electrode columns, exit runners, finish benches, slitting casings, jaw casings, pulley casings, composite rings, composite mangles, composite connectors, rings
    As Cesa machinery, we would like to satisfy our customers with our high-quality and valuable products and innovative ideas. Hoping to be your productive and reliable manufacturer,
    Telephone: +90 262 335 10 07 Address: Köseköy Mh., Serincan Sk., No: 42, A-B, Kartepe, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • erowa, system3r, edm tool, workholding, chuck, centering plate, chucking spigot, electrode holder, 3r edm tool, erowa fixture, cpws erowa, erowa compatible
    China precision workholding system,Inc (CPWS) CPWS produce and export workholding tools for EDM,wireEDM,CNC machining, lathe turning CPWS is compatible with EROWA,System3R
    Telephone: +86-17098424955 Address: zhejiang China
  • iron, steel, iron steel, steel iron, steel bar, bar, rod, wire rod, steel billet, billet, pig iron, ferro alloy, mill scale, recycling goood, scrap bearing, scrap roll, scrap carbide ring, deformed reinforcing bar, reinforcing bar, deformed bar, steel reinforcing bar, reinforcing steel bar, low carbon wire rod, high carbon wire rod, carbon wire rod, electrode wire rod, steel mesh wire rod, plain bar, folded plain bar, folded deformed bar, tempcored bar, tempcored plain bar, tempcored deformed bar, bar in coil, deformed bar in coil, hot rolled bar, cold rolled bar, hot rolled plain bar, hot rolled deformed bar, cold rolled plain bar, cold rolled deformed bar, irons, steels, iron steels, steel irons, steel bars, bars, rods, wire rods, steel billets, billets, pig irons, ferro alloys, mill scales, recycling gooods, scrap bearings, scrap rolls, scrap carbide rings, deformed reinforcing bars, reinforcing bars, deformed bars, steel reinforcing bars, reinforcing steel bars, low carbon wire rods, high carbon wire rods, carbon wire rods, electrode wire rods, steel mesh wire rods, plain bars, folded plain bars, folded deformed bars, tempcored bars, tempcored plain bars, tempcored deformed bars, bar in coils, deformed bar in coils, hot rolled bars, cold rolled bars, hot rolled plain bars, hot rolled deformed bars, cold rolled plain bars, cold rolled deformed bars
    Diler Holding, consolidating with her subsidaries and affliates active in steel (carbon & alloyed) production, foreign trade, energy, shipping, port operation, mining, banking and
    Telephone: +90 212 253 66 30 Address: Tersane Cad. No: 96, Diler Han, Karaköy, İstanbul, Turkey
  • solar systems, solar system, solar water heaters, solar water heater, vacuumed solar systems, solar collectors, solar collector, electrode boiler
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of solar systems, solar system, solar water heaters, solar water heater, vacuumed solar systems, solar collectors, solar collector, electrode
    Telephone: +90 352 321 33 53 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3.Cadde No:4 Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • graphite electrode, Graphite electrode price, uhp graphite electrode
    Linzhang County Molong Carbon Co.,Ltd locates in Linzhang county, Hebei Province which is the carbon production base in North China. Hebei Qinyuan New Materia Tecnology is the
    Telephone: +8618883866774 Address: Handan city, Hebei province,China
  • electrode, wire, welding
    Telephone: +82262306059 Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong, 507 Ilsong Building 15th Floor
  • medical product, medical products, ekg electrode, ekg electrodes, gel ekg electrode, gel ekg electrodes, newborn ekg electrode, newborn ekg electrodes, pediatric ekg electrodes, pediatric ekg electrode, liquid gel ekg electrode, liquid gel ekg electrodes, abrasive electrode, abrasive electrodes, mr electrode, mr electrodes
    Medeks Medikal first manufacturer of ECG electrode in Turkey. From 1998 till now, it can be observed that we are on the right way with confident steps in the production and the
    Telephone: +90 312 395 50 26 Address: İvedik OSB Dericiler Sitesi, 1385. Cadde, No:18, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • welding electrodes, welding machines, electric hand tools, hand tools, hoses, cutting tools, abrasives, gas armatures and equipments, air hand tools, industrial chemical products, tapes, manuel hand tools, welding equipments, cutting products, drilling products, load lifting equipment, job security materials, welding electrode, welding machine, electric hand tool, hand tool, hose, cutting tool, abrasive, gas armatures and equipment, air hand tool, hardware, hardwares, tape, manuel hand tools
    In 1989, our company was founded on sales and marketing of building and industrial goods in Tuzla and then diversified our product range by purchasing 3M Firmasi distributor and
    Telephone: +90 216 395 21 08 Address: Evliya Çelebi Mh. Rauforbay Cd. No:13-A, Tuzla, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • refractories, copper mould, bar counting and spliting, graphite electrode
    SINOM GROUP Co., Ltd. is concentrating on developing of ferrous & non-ferrous manufacturing, continuous casting and Rolling technology, mainly. As one of the most experienced
    Telephone: 86 15081543320 Address: 188#Zhanqian Road, Lubei District, Tangshan, China.
  • paint thinner, welding electrode, overcord, welding rod, welder, welding machine, chemical, chemical agent, chemical substance
    Telephone: 4573334 Address: BİRLİK MAHALLESİ 4233/2 SOKAK NO:3 ALTINDAĞ BORNOVA /İZMİR
  • Welding Wire Production Line, Aqueous Wire Drawing Line, Aqueous Wire Drawing Machine, Badge Type Galvanized Wire Wrap, Basic Electrode Drying Oven, Butt Welding Machine, Cake Mixer, Cassette Dry Wire Drawing Line, Copper And Aluminium Wire Drawing Line, Copper Wire To Pool, Cored Wire Production Line, Cored Wire Production Machinery, Electrode Band Press, Electrode Cake Stripping Machine, Electrode Press, Electrode Thinning
    Telephone: 90 216 378 87 61 Address: Sanayi Mah. Sanayi Cad. Çetin Sok. No: 4 Kurtköy- Pendik / İSTANBUL/TURKEY
  • door window profiles, steel door houses and profiles, wooden door houses, sheetmodels for steel doors, box profile pipe, sheet, bracket, trapeze, corrugated roof sheet, corrugated polyester, condensed pipe, electrode, cutter stone, cutting and bending works
    Telephone: 90 (342) 235-45-01 Address: K.S.S. D BLOK 34 NOLU CD. NO:10 MERKEZ GAZİANTEP
  • carbon brush, carbon parts, graphite parts, pallet, graphite products, graphite electrode
    Telephone: (90)(212) 861 18 71 Address: ÇATALCA YOLU ÜZERI 1KM SIESTA KARŞISI 9/1
  • round broach production, surface broach production, broaching process, crushers and grinders for plastics industry, welding electrode resharpening and cutter production, special cutters
    Telephone: (224)223 52 37 - (224)441 13 83 Address: ÇALI MAHALLESİ BEYAZ(410) CAD. PROTEK Apt. NO: 7/0 NİLÜFER BURSA
  • technical equipment, machine spare parts, machine technical material, oil drain flange, square oil drain flange, cylindrical oil drain flange, electrode screening, types of flex, pressure relief valves, oil level indicators, oil filling devices, thermometer pocket, oil discharge devices, machine stud, machinebearings, bearings
  • Lightning Rod, Determining Electrode Clamps, Conductor Fixing Clamps, Thermal Welding Materials, Auxiliary Materials, Measurement Instruments, Capture Detection Apparatus
    Telephone: 90(232)265 55 50 Address: ADRES: 5926 SOK.NO:30 K:3 KARABAĞLAR İZMIRturkey
  • Welding Electrode Raw Materials, Ferro Alloys Powders, Refined Ferro Manganese, Ferro Manganese Lc, Ferro Manganese Hc, Ferro Silicone 45, Ferro Silicone 60, Ferro Silicone 75, Ferro Chromium Lc, Fluxes, Ready Mixed Powders, Rutile Coated Electrode Fluxes, Basic Coated Electrode Fluxes
    Telephone: 90 216 290 34 05 Address: Varyap Meridian Grand Tower 1Barbaros, Varyap Meridian Grand Tower 1, 34746 Ataşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
  • ceramic adhesives, concrete admixtures, exterior coatings, floor coatings, heat insulation products, joint fillers, mastics and adhesives, restore and to make strong, water insulation products, hardware group, ashpan, aspirator pipe, bloater plow, brush types, bucket types, building and pit roller, building and service machines, chain types, chisel types, concrate nails, coop wires, cornice gage wardrobe pipe, cowering watering sachet, dekor plasterer equipments, dirgen types, door and window package band, electrode types, fire escape, fly wires, galvanize trapeze sheet
    Telephone: 4339300 Address: 1203/2 SK NO:10 YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • graphite electrode, high power graphite electrode, steel-making graphite electrode
    Handan Bangdan Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2008. Mainly in charge of the Graphite Electrodes export and production materials import business. Based on Handan Huayuan Carbon
    Telephone: 18831070597 Address: Rm707, Huahaotianji A, No.396 Fuhebei St., HandanCity, Hebei, China.
  • welding, welding machine, welding machinery, welding consumables, maintenane, repair welding, abrasives, oxy gas equipments, welding automation systems, welding automation system, robotic automation systems, fume exraction systems, auto-darkening welding helmet, carbon electrode for cutting, anti-spatter welding spray
    Specializing in the manufacturing of covered electrodes, Kaynak Tekniği Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was founded on March 1, 1974. With the onset of the 1980s, the company started
    Telephone: 90(0262) 679 78 00 Address: TOSB Taysad Organize Sanayi Bölgesi2. Cadde, No: 5, Şekerpinar41480 Çayirova - KOCAELI- turkey
  • merkle welding machines, electrode inverter, plasma cutting, pulse - arc, tedac system, tig (wig), torches, mig torch, tig torches, plasma cutting torches, welding wires, welding electrodes, gas fittings, cutting and pebble stones, chemicals, work safety materials, laboratory oven, light welding machines, metabo, nourishing machine, smoke suction systems
    Telephone: (90)(212) 672 34 62 Address: EVREN SANAYİ SİTESİ 4 BLOK NO.8 BÜYÜKÇEKMECE
  • welding electrode, cutting tools, hand tools
  • machine, machines, graphite electrode torque switch, hydraulic squeeze, star key, carrying ring, nipple disassembly, attachment
    Telephone: 375 57 75 Address: 129/12 sokak no:1 4. sanayi sitesi Bornova
  • reference electrode, cathodic protection cables, transformer, power distribution unit, spark-gap equipments, anodes, anode cathode junction boxes
    Telephone: (90)(312) 256 31 53 Address: IST YOLU 15.KM.GERSAN SAN.SIT. TAHSIN KAHRAMAN CAD. 653.SOK YENİMAHALLE
  • filtration, generators and heavy equipment, pipes, profiles, engineering, lpg cylinder production plant, lpg cylinder valve and valve boss, angle master, lpg cylinder repairing plant, drinkable water, process water treatment appliances, fire extinguisher production and filling plant, high pressure gas cylinder plants, low voltage cables and electrical wires production line, welding electrode production plant, continuous sandwich panel production plants, mesh wire production plant, steel drum production plant, hot dip galvanizing plant, die sets and equipment
    Telephone: (90)(212) 465 29 30 Address: ISTANBUL DÜNYA TIC.MERK.A2 BL. K.9 NO.303 BAKIRKÖY
  • Steel Pipe, Steel Plate, Steel Profiles, Alloy Pipe, Astm Pipe, Black Metal Pipe, Black Sheets, Black Steel Sheet, Bracket, Carbon Steel Plate, Dkp Sheets, Electrode, Flat Steel Sheets, Galvanised Pipe, Galvanised Steel Pipe, Galvanised Steel Sheet, Galvanized Black Pipe, Galvanized Metal Pipe, Galvanized Pipe, Galvanized Sheets, Galvanized Steel Pipe, Galvanized Steel Plate, Hea, Heb, Hrp Sheets, Lamar, Metal Pipe, Metal Pipe Fittings, Metal Plate, Metal Sheet, Metal Steel, Metal Tube, Metal Tubing, Mild Steel Pipe, Npi, Npu, Pipe And Steel, Pipe Steel, Plate Metal, Plate Steel, Round Metal Plate, Sheet Metal, Sheet Metal Sheets, Sheet Metal Steel, Sheet Steel, Steel Galvanized Pipe, Steel Pipe Galvanized, Steel Sheet, Steel Sheet Metal, Trapeze Sheets
    Telephone: 903123853800 Address: Ahievran cad.no 148 ostim ANKARA TURKEY
  • welding electrode dryer oven, portable ovens, thermos, stationary ovens, shocking and resting ovens, submerged welding flux dryer, electrode, welding flux, plastic granules dryer, cementation ovens, special dryer needs
    Telephone: (90)(216) 387 44 72 Address: ÇAVUŞOĞLU MAH.ESKİ YAKACIK CAD.NO:32 OKUYAR APT. KARTAL
  • machine, mold, machine, burner, nozzle, nozzles, nozzle panel, nozzle panels, cooling panels, electrode holders, metal, metals
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