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  • grain handling systems, milling machinery, screw conveyor, bucket z elevator, chain conveyor, enclosed belt conveyor, belt conveyor, flow system components, catwalks and support towers, rotary drum sieve, grain sorting systems, grain sorting equipments, separator, flat bottom silos, grain silos, flour mills, grain storage systems, grain cleaning systems, seed processing systems, flour milling machinery, milling equipments, flour milling equipments, bucket elevator, chain conveyor, conveyors, cha
    Expanding day by day it carried out it sactivities toplantin cludes 22.000 m2; out door area and 12.000 2; indoor area of at Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. ALTINBILEK,
    Telephone: +90 222 236 13 99 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9. Cadde No:3 26110, Eskişehir, Turkey
  • plastic elevator bucket, metal elevator bucket, elevator belt, flour mill, filter cover lock, flour milling machinery, turnkey flour mills, adjustable filter lock, screw conveyor, cold rolled screw conveyor, screw bearing bush, screw bearing, screw bearings, clamp, compact flour mill, reduction, elbow bend, metal elbow, control pipe, y branch pipe, control pipe with cover, pneumatic cyclone, flow pipe, flour flap, maize mill, chain coupling, one line chain gear, elevator casting pulley
    Our company manufactures turnkey floor and feed facilities, grain storage systems (steel silo). We also sell second hand floor and feed machines as turnkey and
    Telephone: +90 332 345 36 70 Address: Fevziçakmak Mah. Milenyum Cad. 10664 Sk. No: 40/A Karatay - Konya, Turkey
  • chains, chain, hardware, mine chains, conveyor chains, elevator chains, lift chains, lifting chains, stainless steel chains, ship chains, anchor chains, snow skid chains, snow chains, agricultural machinery chains, livestock chains, elevator locks, caliber link chains, holl type anchor, high strenght resistant chains, steel chains
    Our company YILDIZ CHAIN was established in 1960.It has been serving to heavy industry,automotive and automotive supply industry by manufacturing.Our company was expanding itself
    Telephone: +90 224 411 18 66 / +90 530 501 10 37 Address: Bursa Organize Sanayi Bölg. Sarı Cd.No:17/A 16120 Nilüfer Bursa, Turkey
  • machine, machinery, machines, machineries, fish oil press, oil cooler, oil cooker, fish pump, packing machine, feed facilities, extruder system, elevator, fish dryer, mill, chain conveyor, fishing boat, storage, storage tank, storage tanks, storages, steel construction, steel constructions, concrete form, concrete forms, chain conveyors, on board equipments, vehicle lifting platform, vehicle lifting platforms, feed mill, fish oil, fishmeal, pellet, hammer mill, feed
    We are one of the prominent manufacturers of turn-key feel mills, rendering units, fish feed and fish oil production lines. While we were searching for sustainable cooperation
    Telephone: +90 444 7 618 Address: Bafra OSB, Doğankaya Mh. 1. Cd. Samsun, Turkey
  • subcontracting cnc, subcontracting cnc lathe, milling, subcontracting, contract vending machine, corrugated board, iron gates, fittings, construction machinery, elevator brake, escalators, parking systems, electro-magnetic, steel rope pulley, textile spare parts
    Telephone: +90 212 5771531 Address: Rami Kışla Cad Desi Seferaga San Sitesi C Blok No 44 45 Eyup İstanbul, Turkey
  • cement, gypsum, railroads, iron, steel, energy, machinery, crusher hammer, crusher head, rock crusher hammer, oven cast part, ground plate, liner plate, grate bar, lift shovel, air clepe, wheel, mounted crusher rotor, elevator wheel, seperator, bolster, axle box, bottom stripper guide, gear, rolling mill gear, reducer body, anchor, bollard, cable wheel, discharge liner, impeller, blade, butterfly valve clepe, crusher jaw plate, front frame, crusher mantle, bucket teeth, wheel, wheels
    Principles at the company have been involved in casting, heat treatment and machining in the casting industry for over 40 years. Knowledge and understanding of materials and
    Telephone: +90 312 280 86 97 Address: İvedik OSB, Arı Sanayi Sitesi, 1483. Sokak, No:24, Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey
  • mill machine, milling machinery, food mill machine, food milling machines, lentil processing machines, wheat mill machine, wheat mill machinery, red lentil processing machine, red lentil processing machines, pulses and grains processing machines, lentil mill machines, red lentil mill machine, cooking boiler, drying tower, elevator, huller, mixture apparatus, peeler system, rotary cooler, wheat machine
    GÜNMAK founded in 1975; Güney Değirmen mill machines and spiral Ind. Ltd.Co, has been focused on pounded wheat and lentil operating systems within its own conditions and
    Telephone: +90 342 235 35 02 Address: 4. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 83418 Nolu Caddesi, No: 10, Şehit Kamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • machinery, forklits, machine parts, elevator part, dumb trucks, gabbage compactor
    This Jonez Trading & Contracting LLC, Importer and Exporter of all kinds of manufactured and finished goods. We have branches in Malaysia, UAE, London, United
    Telephone: +15053932482 Address: P.O. Box 111 Hamlet Hill Rd UNIT 1110
  • machinery, woodworking machinery, metalworking machinery, workshop machinery, workshop equipments, metalworking equipments, foreign trade, market research, product and price search, marine equipments, marine spares, spare parts, elevator parts, marine safety equipment, firefihting equipment, lifesaving equipment, lifeboats, pvc machinery, elevator spares, elevator, lift spares, lift equipment
    Company operaates in international trade consultancy and organization for lots of industries primarily for machinery industry under the structure of ATAK Sirketler Grubu. Company
    Telephone: +90 216 420 08 08 Address: Atak Plaza Tavukçuyolu Cad., Demirtürk Sok., No:10, Y.Dudullu, Ümraniye,İstanbul, Turkey
  • feed mill plant construction, feed mill machinery, hammer mill, mixer, extruder, elevator, conveyor, pellet mill, granulator, mollases, cyclone, flake unite
    FABIAN PELLET with its 30 years Manufacture Experience serves in Feed Mill and Poultry & Dairy Farming Equipment Industry for its customers from Adana /Turkey. Fabian Pellet
    Telephone: +90 541 212 57 67 Address: Yeşiloba mh. Metal Sanayi Sitesi, Fuat Yağmurca Blokları 1/A Seyhan/Adana/Turkey
  • pipe bending machine, hydroulic pipe bending machine, cnc pipe bending, pipe bender, tube bending machine, hydroulic tube bending machine, bases, bending, burr-free cutting, chain saws, cutting, drilling, elevator, hydraulic, hydraulic pipe bending, liv machines, livmakina, machine, machinery, molding, pipe, pipe bending machines, profile, steel products, tube, tube forming, twisting, twisting machine, wet cutting
    Telephone: +90 532 321 32 30 Address: Karpuzsekisi Mah., Organize Sanayi Dağ Yolu, 55.Cadde, No:22, 38070, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • elevator, floor indicator and buttons, floor and cabin cassettes, buttons, cabin models, machinery motor group, control systems, elevator door, elevator floor, laminate elevator, stainless elevator, lift
  • Konya feed machines manufacturing, feed machinery system as turnkey systems, feed plant, feed, feed machine, pellet, pellet press, crusher, hammer mill, feed crusher machine, mixe, feed mixer, paddel mixer, crumbler, crumbler machine, bucket elevator, elevator, screw conveyor, spiral, tube screw coveyor, conveyor, chain conveyor, pneumatic, pneumatic cover, vagon gate, pneumatic gate, magnet, rocket magnet, tube magnet, Z type magnet, conditioner, pellet coditioner, aspiration cyclone, sieve pan, feed sieve, pellet sieve, rotary sieve, sieve, filter, jet filter, supersonic filter, molasses, molasses mixer, hammer mill feeder, feeder, vibro separator, Impurities separator, separator, aspiration fan, farina aspirator, air lock, cooler, pellet cooler, premix, premix unit, micro dose unit, packaging, bagging, packaging machine, bagging machine, dust disposal system, pellet disc, pellet press disc, pellet press roller, role, line diverter, clack
    The ORYEM A.S. is one of world leading deputy of Feed Milling Technology, has started his activity in 2012 year on the basis of one of most top producers of flour mills in Turkey,
    Telephone: +90 332 239 13 14 Address: Büyükkayacık Mahallesi, Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 6. Sokak, No:9, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • casting, moulding, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel casting, stainless steel casting, construction machinery parts, agricultural machinery parts, valve, pump parts, industrial kitchen equipment parts, woodworking machinery parts, elevator pulley and weights, manhole cover, rainwater grates, pergola and arbour for park and garden, table legs
    Having been established under the name of ROTA DOKUM in 2012, our company has operated casting industry since its establishment. Company has adopted customer satisfaction as its
    Telephone: +90 332 342 49 61 Address: FEVZİ ÇAKMAK MH.HÜDAİ CD.10591 SK.NO:7 KARATAY, KONYA, TURKEY
  • construction machinery, vibrator, cement mixers, asphalt cutting, polishing machines, elevator, crane control station, iron cutting machine, bending machine
    Telephone: 02163143843 Address: Madenler Mah.Erciyes Sok No:2 Çekmeköy Ümraniye İstanbul, Turkey
  • air lock, aspiration cyclone, aspirator fan, automatic damping, blower, blowthrough air lock, bran finisher, bucket elevator, carrousel, chain conveyor, compensation panel, complete turnkey flour mills, complete turnkey semolina mills, control sifter, corn flour milling machinery, degerminator, distribution panel, distributor, distributors, drum detacher, dry stone separator, dust breaker, entoleter, extraction rate scale
    Producing grain and related products which are considered basic nutritional elements in the daily food guide pyramid it is crucial to have a modern technology. Unormak Milling
    Telephone: +90 332 239 10 16 Address: Kos Bölgesi 7. Sokak 5/1 Selçuklu - Konya Turkey
  • steel silos, wheat silos, elevator, chain conveyor, flour mill, feed mill belt, conveyor, Grain storage, silos, bucket, mixer, extruder, fat feed, aqua feed, dust collection, pellet press, roll, grinding, hammer mill, dosing silos, dies for feed mill, bagging scale, feed mill machinery, animal feed machine, feed mill equipments, feed mill installion, feed mill automation, feed mill
    Yemtar has been established at 1980 for designing, manufacturing and installing turnkey feed mills. We are market leader in Turkish market and we have lots of reference projects
    Telephone: +902667338550 Address: 600 Evler Mahallesi Balıkesir Asfaltı Sol Taraf Caddesi No:65 Bandırma, Turkey
  • elevator, machinery, cabin, pulley, board, skate, monsarz
    Telephone: 0312-394-55-84 Address: Plastikçiler San. Sit. 580. Sk. No:2 , Turkey
  • chains, roller chains, external roller chains, forged chains, fleyer chains, moulboard chains, bridge chains, jointed chains, scraper chains, scraper mouldboard chains, prominent chains, pin prominent chains, pin roller chains, plated chains, jagged ladder chains, ladder chains, transmission chains, agricultural chains, machinery chains, locomotive chains, steel chains, forged steel chains, chain, roller chain, external roller chain, forged chain, fleyer chain, moulboard chain, bridge chain, jointed chain, scraper chain, scraper mouldboard chain, prominent chain, pin prominent chain, pin roller chain, plated chain, jagged ladder chain, ladder chain, transmission chain, agricultural chain, machinery chain, locomotive chain, steel chain, conveyor, conveyor chain, fordeyer chain, leaf chain, api chain, rotary chain, bolt, nut, stud, bolts, nuts, studs, elevator chain, escalator chain, fasteners, hot forging, cold forging, hot forging bolt, cold forging bolt, hot forging fastener, cold forging fastener, stud shear connector, dın 13918, stud welding, dın 8187, dın 8188, dın 933, dın 931, Stud Shear Connector DIN 13918, hot forging nut, cold forging nut, washer
    In 1976, Zimaş Zincir ve Makine San. Tic. A.Ş. that is the first company of Topbaş Group was established to show activity in manufacturing sector at Bursa industrial zone, TURKEY.
    Telephone: +90 224 261 02 60 Address: DOSAB Mustafa Karaer Cad. No: 11, Bursa, Turkey
  • machine, machines, machinery, elevator, lift
  • bearings and rolling bearings, brushes, chains and sprockets, elevator belt, elevator buckets, filter cloth bag and equipment, mill machinery spare parts and consumables, perforated sheet, rubber couplings, screen cloth, sight glass, silk cloth, steel wire, v-belt, wire stone separator
    Telephone: +90332 248 5463 Address: Horozluhan mahallesi, Hırka sokak No:20
  • cabins, elevator boards, automatic doors, elevator machinery, elevator engines, elevator buttons, ceiling models, laminates, holographic coating, glass coating, stainless and dekostil, floor options, elevator, lift
    Telephone: 0 332237 66 55  Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah. Konsan Sanayi Sitesi 10728 Sk. No:5 KONYA / TÜRKİYE
  • food machinery, food processing machinery, food processing equipments, thermoform machinery, conveyor systems, elevator systems, handling equipments, handling systems, filling machinery, filling line, cheddar slicing machine, labelling machinery, automatic cream filling line, thermoform packaging machinery, packaging machinery, packaging equipments
    IDEAL PAK OTOMATIK AMBALAJ MAKINALARI SANAYI A. S. was established with the support of Kosgeb for entrepreneurs in 2011. Company has a capability to manufacture machine just under
    Telephone: +90 212 671 30 32 Address: İkitelli O.S.B. Eskoop San. Sit. C-8 Blok No: 534 Pk.34306 Başakşehir / İstanbul / Turkey
  • automotive group, bearing beds, business safety equipment, chains, couplings, cranes, cutting equipment, electric exterior elevators, electric motors, Exterior Elevator, extractors, fans, gearboxes, gears, hardware and hand tools, kaplin tires, load lifting equipment, machinery group, marin, mill, perforated plates, power tools, pulleys, roller, source, spirals
    Telephone: 4598823 Address: 2822 SK. NO:80/Z-1 1.SANAYİ SİTESİ / İZMİR
  • machine, machines, machinery, lift, elevator
    Telephone: (90)(424) 225 24 37 Address: SANAYİ MAH.SANTRAL CAD.NO.30
  • elevator, lift, engineering, construction, machine, machines, machinery
    Telephone: (90)(212) 472 02 44 Address: ATATÜRK MAH. İ.E.T.T.GARAJ YOLU MARMARA SAN.SİT.O BLOK NO.370-371 KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE
  • food processing machinery, butter processing machinery, construction equipment, caterpillar, engineering vehicle, trailer, prime mover, freight elevator, luggage elevator
    Telephone: 90(466)611 28 50 Address: MERKEZ MAH:HÜKÜMET CAD.NO:12 ARDANUÇ/ARTVİN 08511 ARDANUÇ, ARTVIN
  • machine, machines, machinery, engineering, elevator, lift
    Telephone: 90 2423130799 Address: TARIM MH. PERGE BULVARI NO:69/7, MURATPAŞA, ANTALYA
  • plastic injection paarts, lift parts, elevator parts, elevator spare parts, turning machne parts, cnc machinery parts, cnc machinery spare parts, aluminium machinery parts, plastic machinery parts, painting machinery parts, welding machinery parts, packaging machinery parts
    Stoper Endustriyel started production in 2000 as a producer of passenger lift parts and also served as an OEM to major lift producers and assemblers for all types of metal and
    Telephone: +90 216 379 77 14 Address: Şeyhli Mahallesi Kiram Sokak Pendik-İstanbul/Turkey
  • trapezoidal, radius, square head set screws, worm screws, screws for textile machinery, lift screws, lathe machinery screws, boring machine screws, screw, screws, elevator screws, endless screw, endless screws, square head screws, high helix lead screws
    Uzel Vida has operated in screw industry with an innovative oriented concept for years. Uzel Vida manufactures trapezoidal, radius, square head set screws, worm screws, screws for
    Telephone: +90 312 394 71 57 Address: 1385 Sok. İvedik Organize Sanayi (İos) Bölgesi No: 9 Yenimahalle / Ankara, Turkey
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