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  • metalworking, metal working, pipe bending, pipe forming, silicone couplers, t-bolt clamps, mold production, fixture production
    Telephone: 90 262 5021902 Address: İKİTELLİ OSB MAHALLESİ DERSAN SANAYİ SİTESİ S1 B BLOK NO.302/A, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL fabrika:Cerkesli osb mah.dilovası imes osb 8.cadde no:23 dılovası KOCAELİ
  • crimping, hose, fittings, hydraulic, cnc, pipe forming, machine, press, tools, spare parts, automotive, second hand cnc, used cnc, mold, solar power system, lpg tank, lpg parts, lpg tools, hose crimping machine, hydraulic set, hydraulic valve, three way ball valve
    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading Turkey Company specializing in supplying crimping machine and associated accessories as well as
    Telephone: +90 332 342 65 50 Address: Büsan Org. San. 10645. Sk. (5. Sk.) No: 33, Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi, 42050 Karatay/Konya, Turkey
  • aluminum forged parts, optical measurement systems, spiral forging molds, mold assembly press, multi servo press, forming presses, adjustable forging mold
    Telephone: 3429051-3737711 Address: MANSUROĞLU MAHALLESİ 288/5 SOK. NO:10 DAİRE:14 BAYRAKLI / İZMİR
  • Sandwich panel plant, trapezoidal, sandwich panel line cut-to length line, Coil Processing Line, Trapezoidal Line, sandwich panel manufacturer, Sandwich Panel Production Line, sandwich panel exporter, sandwich panel manufacturing, sandwich panel machine, roll forming machine, roll forming machines, Slitting Line, Slitting Lines, roll slitting line, Automation line of sandwich panel, roof panel rollformers
    Raysan one of the main machinery producer in Turkey. We are producing in high quality standards with the latest technologies, and with a close understanding of our customers'
    Telephone: +905515997525 Address: Vezirçiftliği Mahallesi, Gedik Sokak, No:5 Başiskele/KOCAELİ
  • paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper cup making machine, paper cup forming machine
    Telephone: +8613587975075 Address: Henghe Industry,Feiyun Street,Ruian City,Zhejiang Province
  • forming set, forming collar set, seal machine, vertical packing machine, packing machine, pasta packing machine, coffee packing machine, spices packing machine, sugar packing machine, food packaging machine, flour packing machine, detergent packing machine, full automatic packing machine, industrial packaging machine, forming collar for vertical packing machine, forming set for vertical packing machine, forming shoulder for packing machine, forming neck for vertical packing machine, forming set
    About us: YAKACI ŞAFAK is the best solution for forming collars and filling tubes. We produce forming collar set for any type of vertical and horizontal packing machines. Why
    Telephone: +90 212 549 45 29 --- +90 545 203 63 96 Address: İkitelli OSB Esenler San. Sit. 22. Blok No: 7, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • automotive products, sheet forming, pipe forming
  • design, machine production, forming, modelling, defense industry, rapid prototype
    Telephone: 3123945777 Address: İvedik Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Öz Anadolu Koop.1449.Sokak No:66 YENİMAHALLE / ANKARA
  • steel bars, progressive die, transfer die, blanking dies, bending dies, drawing dies, sheet metal forming, 3D inspection
    Telephone: 90 212 5494861 Address: İKİTELLİ OSB GÜNGÖREN BAĞCILAR SAN.SİT. 3.BLOK NO.15-16-17-18-19-20, BAŞAKŞEHİR, İSTANBUL
  • sheet concrete mold, culvert molds, Concrete Forming Plywood, tunnel mold systems, column gates, bridge and viaduct foot molds, fall-beam systems, telescopic uprights, safe scaffolding, scaffolding, cup-lock scaffolding, climbing formwork
    Telephone: 3123546696 Address: 1230 Sokak (eski 42.sokak) No:17 Ostim YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • laser cutting machines, servo punch press, servo brakes, servo-hydraulic brakes, hybrid guillotine shears, bending centers, servo pole, ventilation channel machines, laser welding machines, water jets, gasket machines, pipe, profile cutting, roll opening lines, corner forming machines, surface grinding machines, fully automatic lathe, sharpening machines, industrial saws, stowage, storage systems
    Telephone: (90)(212) 493 37 88 Address: ABDİ İPEKÇİ CAD. ÖZEL İDARE İŞ MRK. NO:150 K:1/34 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • cnc pipe bending machines, nc pipe bending machines, pipe end forming machines, cnc lathes, special test equipment
    Telephone: 90 216 3117950 Address: EYÜP SULTAN MAH. YÜCEDAĞ CAD. NO.5, SANCAKTEPE, İSTANBUL
  • plastic injection molds, stamping-forming die, moulding die, wire cutter, bending tools, plastic production, tin production
  • drilling machines, rodage machines, channel machines, bizote and forming machines, cnc vertical hole double head
    Telephone: (90)(352) 697 41 67 Address: ANKARA YOLU 20.KM.KARASU MEVKİ
  • cement, mining, iron and steel, automotive, business machines, metal processing, wind power, food, medicine, wire drawing, cold forming, hot forming, railway, paper, typography, textile, space and aviation
    Telephone: 3123955438 Address: Hasemek Sanayi Sitesi 24. CD. NO:54 İVOGSAN YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • cut-to-length lines, slitting lines, roll forming for corrugated sheets, roll forming
    Telephone: (90)(216) 593 13 90 Address: MERMERCİLER ORG.SAN.BÖLG.7.SK. NO:10 ORHANLI TUZLA
  • metals, metallic, metal sheet, roll forming
    Telephone: 90 (342) 2380080 Address: GAZİANTEP, TURKEY
  • one colour - three stations tpu tr moulding machine, one colour - two station moulding machine, rubber hot forming press, three stations tpu tr moulding machine, two station moulding machine
    Telephone: (90)(212) 431 69 79 Address: HAVA ALANI MAH. MEHMET AKİF İNAN C. NO:33 ESENLER
  • shock absorber springs, compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, forming springs, battery springs, ground compression springs
    Telephone: 90 216 5932121 Address: İSTANBUL ANADOLU YAKASI O.S.B. GAZİ BULVARI NO.10, TUZLA, İSTANBUL
  • chemical products, fire extinguishing, fire-fighting chemicals, fire-fighting products, synthetic foams, inorganic foams, alchol resistant synthetic foams, flourine free synthetic foams, aqueous film forming synthetic foams, protein foams, organic foams, alchol resistant protein foams, flourine free protein foams, aqueous film forming protein foams, compress air foam system, training fire fighting foam concentrate
    Telephone: 90 216 5613697 Address: EYÜP SULTAN MAH. YIL SOK. NO.2/J-9, SANCAKTEPE, İSTANBUL
  • sawdust, sawdust products, sawdust product
    Telephone: 2826911069 Address: Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • unwinder, vacuum motor, electrical cabinet, chain rails, forming station, punching station, cutting station, stacking station
  • white goods, white appliances, metal forming
    Telephone: 90 (352) 321-11-91 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Kayseri, Turkey
  • fasteners, cold working, cold shaping, cold forming, low-carbon, steel wire
    Telephone: 212 715 28 48 Address: KINALI KÖPRÜ MEVKİİ, Sancaktepe Mahallesi KLAS SOKAK NO:4 ÇANTA, SİLİVRİ, İSTANBUL
  • sheet metal, metal forming
    Telephone: 0224 411 10 60 Address: NOSAB N.113 SOKAK NO:16/A
  • perforated sheet metal, guillotine shears, hydraulic press brake, hydraulic press, roll forming
    Telephone: 3123541002 Address: Ostim MH. 1233.Sok. (Eski 56.Sok.) NO:5 06370 YENİMAHALLE/ANKARA
  • sheet forming, tube forming, iron forming, pipe stopper, sanitation materials, sanitary installation, plumbing
    Telephone: 0212 485 70 01 - 04 Address: İ.O.S.B. Çevre Sanayi Sitesi, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • aluminium forging dies, high wear resistance parts, cold forging dies, hot forging dies, extrusion dies, steel products, wire drawing dies, high precision machining steels, forming punches, piercing punches
    Telephone: (90)(232) 324 21 39 Address: 44 SOK. NO:1 7. SANAYİ SİTESİ I BLOK SASALI ÇİĞLİ
  • cut to length lines, slitting lines, roll forming lines, cut to length line, slitting line, roll forming line
    Telephone: 90 216 5953137 Address: RAMAZANOĞLU MAH. TARIK BUĞRA SOK. NO:8, PENDİK, İSTANBUL
  • paper cup forming machine, paper cup print, punch machine, bowl machine
    Telephone: 90 212 5772309 Address: ORTA MAH. İBRAHİMAĞA CAD. 2. EMİNTAŞ SAN. SİT. NO.20/4, BAYRAMPAŞA, İSTANBUL
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