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  • perlite, cast perlite, expanded perlite
    Telephone: 549 298 61 10
  • mining, mineral ore, perlite, structure, building, building materials, construction materials
  • perlite, perlite ore, pomace stone, pomace stones, perlites, perlite ores, pomace
    Bülbül MADENCILIK was founded in 1990 by Mehmet BÜLBÜL and Mustafa BÜLBÜL.Our company, which has gained material and spiritual power in perlite and washing for 18 years, has
    Telephone: +90 212 476 38 38 Address: 50. Yıl Mahallesi, 2002 Sk. No:2, İstanbul, Turkey
  • building chemicals, construction chemicals, paints, building paints, tile adhesives, adhesives, joint fillers, mortars, paint, joint filler, mortar, perlite, heat insulation, building materials, construction materials, heat insulated, exterior plaster, interior plaster, wall plaster, wall paints, grout, perlite ore, expanded perlite, filtration perlite, cryogenic perlite, agriculture perlite, perlite refractory, mineral coatings, decorative mineral coating, primers, primer, sound insulation, wat
    Founded in 1995 Çullas Group has been involved in a range of industries most notably as the distributor of Husqvarna a Swedish based company – the worlds largest producer of
    Telephone: +90 216 457 80 10 Address: Bağdat Caddesi Öncü Sokak Büyükhanlı Sitesi B1 Blok D:22 34740 Suadiye Kadıköy İstanbul, TÜRKİYE
  • calcite moulding units, perlite expansion facilities, construction chemical facilities, bigbag discharging stations, big bag discharging staions, plastic granule facilities, cement facilities, plaster facilities, micronized sieving facilities, calcite micronized facilities, ball mills, mixers, circular sieves, sieves, jet pulse filters, radial fans, fans, bunkers, seperators, packing machines, packaging machines, bigbag filling machines, big bag filling machines, air locks, airlocks, mining equipment, mining equipments, mining machine, mining machineries, mining machinery, mining machines
    EGEAY Machinery is one of the few companies that manufactures all the equipments that make up the system in such plant installations all over the world. EGEAY Makine has been
    Telephone: +90 382 266 21 71 Address: Yavuz Selim OSB Mah. Mehmet Altınsoy Bulvarı No: 5, Merkez, Aksaray, Turkey
  • elay, plastic, bag, big bag, perlite, cutlery set, fruit bag, vegetable bag, nursery bag, seedling, ice bag, paper bag, shopping, flat bottom, bitumen, vacuum, modified atmosphere, paper cup, disposable, pack, packing, poly bag
    WELCOME TO OUR STUDIO Elay Plastic Design manufactures and supplies all type of protective, flexible packaging material. We specialize in Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP)
    Telephone: +905556559585 Address: Mithatpasa Caddesi, 572/10 Izmir, Turkiye
  • perlite, pumice, calcite, basalt, bauxite, zeolite, travertine, marble, bentonite, cat litter, emery stone, lime stone, wooden kitchen materials, cheese plates, hamburger boards, pizza boards, steak boards, bread boards, sausage boards, bread boxes, spice sets, cutting boards, wooden cheese plates, wooden hamburger boards, wooden pizza boards, wooden steak boards, wooden bread boards, wooden sausage boards, wooden bread boxes, wooden spice sets, wooden cutting boards, wooden kitchen material, ch
    "ESC Limited" is in Mining Industry and exporting/trading various industrial minerals to the foundry,construction and horticulture industry.Our products are mainly; perlite,
    Telephone: +90 532 735 03 58 Address: 58 Sok. No:13, Kat:3, Daire:9, Zafer Apt. Göztepe, İzmir, Turkey
  • perl, perli, perlite, turkey, perlite ore, ore, mm, micron, agro, agra, agri, perlİt, euro, europer, agriculture, nursery, garden, peat, moss, peat and moss, green, textile, filter, filter aid, filter perlite, world, cheap, quality, horti, horticul, horticulture, perlita, perlito, construction, micro, small, coarse, fine
    We are producing perlite in both expanded and ore form. We guarantee excellent quality, time-bound delivery & very competitive
    Telephone: +90 544 227 27 11 Address: 5. organize sanayi bölgesi 83524 nolu cad. no:7 Şehitkamil/Başpınar/GAZİANTEP
  • Perlite, Agriculture, Construction, Filtration, Textile, Cryogenic, Insulation, Hydroponics, Soil, fertilizer
    We produce dust-free perlite in both expanded and non-expanded form for use in agriculture, construction, textile, food processing and heat isolation. Its production is done at
    Telephone: +90 544 227 27 11 Address: 5. Organize sanayi bölgesi 83524 No:7 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep/ TURKEY.
  • slag remover perlite carbon additive
    Henan Daye Metallurgy Casting Material Co., Ltd., with the factory founded in 2006, is located in Xinyang City of China, which is Asia's largest perlite research & production
    Telephone: 15537627529 Address: Hongguang Industrial Park,Shangtianti Management District,Xinyang City,Henan Province,China
  • chemical, chemicals, pumice stone, pumice stones, pumice, sodium metabisulphite, perlite, sodium metabisulphite food grade, food grade sodium metabisulphite, denim, jeans, textile, garments, ready wears, clothings, clothes
    Founded in 1988 in Montreal, INTERSAC (International Suppliers and Contractors Inc.) is a dynamic and progressive private company working in the field of chemical formulation and
    Telephone: +90 324 325 12 65 Address: PİRİREİS MAH. İ.İNÖNÜ BULV. NO:186 TURKALP AP. 2/3, YENİŞEHİR, İÇEL, MERSİN, TURKEY
  • roof system group, plaster group, thermo screed, perlite group, construction chemicals group, natural tiles, ergan series tiles, roof lader, roof windows, gutter systems, dolar systems, plaster group, perlite group, acrylic tiles, cast screed, levelling screed, joint sealants, adhesives, mineral coating plaster
    Established in 2002, PERSAN Çatı-Cephe ve Yalıtım Sistemleri (PERSAN Roof-Facade and Insulation Systems) has completely renewed its technology in 2007. PERSAN Çatı-Cephe ve
    Telephone: +90 446 251 10 60 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 18. Cadde, No: 1, Erzincan, Turkey
  • mining, mine, quartz, pomice, perlite, silica, aggregate, clay, korund, heavy mineral concentrate, ready mixed concrete, naturel stone, naturel stones, clays, heavy mineral concentrates, ready mixed concretes, natural, naturals, Thermal, Thermal, Sound and Fire Insulated Screed, Waterproofing Systems, Repair & Reinforcement Systems, Historical Building Repair Systems, Flooring Systems, Surface Hardeners, Epoxy Coatings, Polyurethane Coatings, Plasters, Adhesive, Primer And Mold OilsPrimer And Mold Oils, Ceramic Adhesives Fuga-Joint Fillers, Anchoring And Installation Products
    POMZA EXPORT INC. founded in 1969,half-century journey to become an example of honesty and diligence . Our company has become a reliable brand in its fields of activity. POMZA
    Telephone: +90 232 360 17 77 Address: Ankara Asfaltı Belkahve Mevkii, No: 277, Kavaklıdere Köyü, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
  • antiscalants, expanded perlites, perlites, chemicals, filter perlites, micronized perlites, micronised perlites, industrial perlites, press filters, press filter papers, laboratory chemicals, solid chemicals, liquid chemicals, antiscalant, expanded perlite, perlite, chemical, filter perlite, micronized perlite, micronised perlite, industrial perlite, press filter, press filter paper, laboratory chemical, solid chemical, liquid chemical
    Promine Madencilik Limited Sirketi which operates mainly in Turkey and in all of the world, was established based on the province of Izmir in Turkey. Having an extensive
    Telephone: +90 532 704 84 44 Address: 6172/2 Sokak No :2, Işıkkent, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
  • agricultural pumice, crude perlite, crude pumice, landscape pumice, micronized pumice, pumice for heat insulated screed, pumice for insulation plaster, pumice for lightweight concrete, pumice for lightweight concrete block, pumice for oil and hydrocarbon cleaning, pumice for sound insulated screed, pumice for textile etching, pumice for water, wastewater treatment systems, filtration systems, purified pumice, special pumice for cosmetic sector
    Pumice and Perlite Mining Company Soylu Group The Soylu Group is a group of companies founded in 1981 by Levent Soylu. The group entered the mining industry in 1983 and started
    Telephone: +905337194079 Address: Vişnezade Mah. Bayıldım Cad. Balıklı Apt. 14/9 Maçka Beşiktaş/ İSTANBUL
  • nylon bag, plastic bag, perlite bag, peat bag, pet cup
  • perlite, expanded perlite, raw perlite
    Telephone: 9003762131159 Address: ATATURK BULVARI YAKIN APT.37/5 Merkez ÇANKIRIturkey
  • perlite, natural stone
    Telephone: 90(232)463 19 79 Address: ADRES: PUNTA 1456 SOK.NO:10/1 KAT:11 D:38 KONAK İZMIRturkey
  • Reinforcing bars, steel pipes, steel wire rods, steel heavy beams, industrial minerals, perlite, zeolite, pumice stone, vermiculite
    Telephone: 90.216 504 14 31 Address: BARBAROS MAH. SUMBUL SK. N:5/A DELUXIA PALACE K:16 D:442 34746 ATASEHIR ISTANBUL TURKEY
  • filtration, filtration systems, perlite filtration
    Telephone: 90(232)877 19 83 Address: ADRES: KEMALPAŞA OSB MAH.İZMİR ANKARA ASFALTI CAD.NO:23/A KEMALPAŞA İZMIRturkey
  • perlite, perlite ore
    Telephone: 90(232)463 19 79 Address: ADRES: PUNTA 1456 SOK.NO:10/1 KAT:11 D:38 KONAK İZMIRturkey
  • sphero peak, import hematite peak, ferro mangan, ferro molybdenum, ferro silica, ferro phosphor, ferro titanium, calcium silica, ceramic bushing, casting filters, casting paints, shell sand, graphite powder, bentonite, coal powder, perlite powder
    Telephone: 312-2670447 Address: Ahi Evran MH. Org. San. Böl. Dök. San. Sit. 210. SK. NO:2 Sincan 06930 SİNCAN/ANKARA
  • perlite, perlites
    Telephone: 90324676 43 99 Address: MTOSB 1.CAD. NO:7 HUZURKENT-AKDENİZ/ MERSİN- turkey
  • phosphorous chipping, perlite, pebble, chipping, natural stone, granite
    Telephone: (90)(216) 326 81 59 Address: UZUNCAYIRYOLU 24/8,SARILAR IS MERKEZI KADIKÖY; İSTANBUL
  • Expanded Perlite, Surface Water Insulation, Heat Board Plaster, Heat Insulation Board, Heat Insulation Board Adhesive, Insulation Board Decorative Plaster, Insulation Plaster, Insulation Rock Butter, Heat Insulation Screed, Wall Blocks With Heat Insulation, Waterprooof, Thermal Texture, Foam Insulation, Rockwool Insulation, Spray Insulation Foam, Insulation Mineral, Insulation, Spray Foam, Insulation Spray, Insulation Materials, Foil Insulation, Fiberglass Insulation, Soundproof, Wool Insulation, Home Insulation, Cellulose Insulation, Insulation Board, Wall Insulation, Roof Insulation, Rockwool, Building Insulation, Heat Insulation, Cell Insulation, Mineral Wool, Attic Insulation, Blown In Insulation, Insulation Sheet, Foam Wall, Acoustic Insulation, Isolation, Insulation Types, Batt Insulation, Insulation Installers, Insulation Values, House Insulation, Barrier
    Telephone: (532) 137 76 69  Address: manisa-izmir
  • perlite plaster, perlite insulation plaster, insulation, facade rendering, stucco, heat insulation, fire-insulation, fire insulation, sound insulation
    Telephone: 90(258)264 66 52 Address: ÇAMLARALTI MAH.2636 SOK.NO:33/1, PAMUKKALE, DENIZLI
  • Perlite, Perlite Vitrified, Perlite Gardening, Perlite Potting, Expanded Perlite, Raw Perlite, Perlite Expanded, Perlite Perlite, Perlite Factory, Perlite Insulation, Agricultural Perlite, Bulk Perlite, Hydrophobic Perlite, Perlite Type, Perlite Powder, Type Perlite, Unexpanded Perlite, Perlite Obturator, Perlite Ore, Perlite Raw, Perlite Filter, Cryogenic Perlite, Insulation Perlite, Perlite Sand, Perlite Nanoclay, Factory Perlite, United Perlite, Media Perlite, Perlite And, Construction Perlite, Mixture Perlite, Horticultural Perlite, Perlite Good, Perlite Pu, Elbow Perlite, Perlite Withmm, Horticulture Perlite, Sales Perlite, Perlite, Perlite Gardening, Perlite Thermal, Perlite Gardening, Perlite Vitrified Beads, Perlite Bulk, Perlite Cryogenic, Perlite Slag, Perlite Stone, Powder Perlite, Perlite Agricultural, Expanded Perlite Potting, Perlite Potting Mixture, Board Perlite, Perlite Horticulture
    Telephone: 90 (216) 487 50 18  Address: Akşemsettin Mah. Fatih Bulvarı No:590 Sultanbeyli 34925 İstanbul/ turkey
  • filtration industry, agriculture, construction, cryogenic perlite, textile perlite
    Telephone: 349 62 61 Address: Ovacik Mahallesi, Alsancak Caddesi, No:187 KOCAELİ, KOCAELİ
  • pearlite, perlite
  • Plaster Sand, Plaster Profiles Corner, Suspended Ceiling Materials, Bağtel The, Concrete Primer, Concrete Gravel Of, White Gypsum, White Cement, Bims, Exterior Pier, Tile Adhesive, Gas Concrete, Gas Concrete Adhesive, Steel Mesh, Hardware Group, Pattern Lock, Mold Oil / Paste, Plaster, Lime, Plaster Machine, Coating Team, Membrane Types, Osb, Plaster With Perlite, Plastic Paspay On, Plywood Pattern, Akrylyk, Plaster Mesh, For Plaster, Rock Wool, Telescopic Poles, Brick, Brick Break, Glass Wool, Xps Foam, Eps Foam, Floor Tiles, Roof Blanket, Cement, Nail, Construction Steel
    Telephone: 90.358.218 9938 Address: Helvacı mah.Çağlayan CaddesiNo:100/A 05100 Amasya/ turkey
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