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  • metals, aluminium, zinc plates, aluminium-zinc plates, butterfly sets, bronze machine parts, brass butterfly valves, copper raw materials, aluminium raw materials, lead raw materials, copper spiral wires, teflon raw materials, iron casting, stainless steel products, welding wires, chromium coated rods, honned tubes, soldering wires, perforated sheets, teflon fabrics, polyamide raw material, pvc raw material, solid polycarbon plates, gasket asbestos, indium ingot, electrolitic coppers, copper bar
    Our company was founded is 1951 in Ayvansaray, and was named Ekspres Döküm.Once the factory had moved to the new premises in 1985 at IMES Industrial Zone it was renamed Alter
    Telephone: +90 216 446 68 59 -420 48 48  Address: Center:Rauf Orbay Cad. G-47 Sk. No:20 34944 Tuzla - İstanbul Factory:İmes Sanayi Sitesi D Blok 403 Sk. No:11 34775 Y.Dudullu - İstanbul , Turkey
  • fabric, fabrics, cotton, linen, bamboo, jute, ramie linen, silk, wool, wool-polyamide blend, wool-acrylic blend, blend of cotton and linen, blend of cotton and linen, blend of viscose, floss, cotton and silk, polyester, polyester-viscon blended, polyamide, acrylic, fiber
    Our company, which has brand protection principles, does not provide fabric suppliers for imitation manufacturers and fabrics. Emek Foreign Trade Construction and Industry
    Telephone: +90 212 637 32 93 Address: fatih cad. no:23/b, merter, istanbul, Turkey
  • textile product, textile products, viscose, viscose fabric, viscose fabrics, viscose yarn, viscose yarns, cotton, cotton fibre, cotton fabric, cotton fabrics, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, polyamide, polyamide fibre, polyamide fabric, polyamide fabrics, polyester, polyester fibre, polyester fabric, polyester fabrics, linen, linen fabric, linen fabrics, line fibre, silk, silk fabric, jacquard, jacquard fabric, ponte de roma, ponte de milano, pique fabric, knitting fabric, rib, fleece, fleece fabrics
    Karma knitters were established in 1984 and are registered as KOKTEYL KNITS TRADING AS KARMA. With over 34 years experience in the textile market and a plant size of 10000m2
    Telephone: +90 212 879 06 00 Address: Bakır ve Pirinç San. Sit. Sardunya Cd. No:9, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • raschel knitting, plural knitting, lace, lez, tulle, jersey, raschel knitting, warp knitting, jacquard weave, jacquard lace, jacquard tulle, polyamide, polyamide fabric, polyester fabric, polyester, nylon lace
    Telephone: 0 224 411 03 84 Address: Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Dokumacılar Sit.Blok:1 No:16 Nilüfer, Turkey
  • fabric, fashion, stylish, fabric for trousers, fabric for blouses, big corporation, customized products, fashion fabrics, silk fabrics, polyester fabric, linen fabrics, viscose fabrics, wool fabrics, polyamide fabrics
    M.F. Yılmazipek Textile was established in 1930. The main activity of the company was to produce 100% silk fabrics and this activity lasted until 1995 . However , changing
    Telephone: +90 224 243 88 44  Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Kahverengi Cad. No: 34 16149 Bursa, Turkey
  • blended yarn fabrics, cotton fabrics, dyed fabrics, fabric, fabric, fabric manufacturin, fabric products, fabric wholesaler, linen fabrics, plain fabrics, polyamide fabrics, polyester fabrics, tencel fabrics, turkey woven fabrics, viscone fabrics, wool fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics
    Fabrics from cotton and blends are woven in our own production plant. Working with more than 300 innovative fabric manufacturers in Turkey, we are also capable to offer
    Telephone: +90 232 4310466 pbx Address: Mtk Tekstilciler Çarşısı 747 / 10 Sokak No: 8 35090 Izmir, Turkey
  • fabrics, apparels, ready wears, clothings, garments, single jersey fabrics, velve fabrics, knitted fabrics, ribana fabrics, double layered fabrics, soft fabrics, polar fabrics, wellsoft fabrics, 2 yarn fabrics, 3 yarn fabrics, thick yarn fabrics, jumpered fabrics, interlock fabrics, royal rib fabrics, polyamide polyester fabrics, kids garments, woman garments, man garments, kids clothings, woman clothings, man clothings, fabric, apparel, ready wear, clothing, garment, single jersey fabric, velve fabric, knitted fabric, ribana fabric, double layered fabric, soft fabric, polar fabric, wellsoft fabric, 2 yarn fabric, 3 yarn fabric, thick yarn fabric, jumpered fabric, interlock fabric, royal rib fabric, polyamide polyester fabric, kids garment, woman garment, man garment, kids clothing, woman clothing, man clothing, single jersey, velve, knitted, ribana, double layered, soft, polar, wellsoft
    Our company, which started its commercial life with the aim of giving representation and consultancy services as a private company in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009 is started to serve
    Telephone: +90 212 540 10 50  Address: Cennet Mahallesi, Ziya Gökalp Caddesi, No:34/B, Küçükçekmece, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fabrics, wool fabrics, coat fabrics, jacket fabrics, fabrics for jacket, fabrics for coat, topcoat fabrics, fabrics for topcoat, polyamide fabrics, wool polyamide fabrics, wool polyester polyamide fabrics, polyester fabrics, acrylic fabrics, woven fabrics, textile fabrics, fabric, wool fabric, coat fabric, jacket fabrics, fabric for jacket, fabric for coat, topcoat fabric, fabric for topcoat, polyamide fabric, wool polyamide fabric, wool polyester polyamide fabric, polyester fabric, acrylic fabr
    Founded in 1984 Muratoğlu Textiles, sales and marketing organization, exceptional production flexibility, high quality care, vision and experience in Turkey has continued to be a
    Telephone: +90 212 225 65 04 Address: Meşrutiyet Mahallesi, Suna Kıraç Sokak, No:15, Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey
  • fibers, yarns, fabrics, polyamide fibers, nylon fibers, aramid fibers, pps fibers, polyphenylene sulphide fibers, filament yarns, polyamide yarns, nylon yarns, nylon filament yarns, polyamide filament yarns, polyamide industrial yarns, polyamide industrial filament yarns, industrial yarns, industrial filament yarns, covered yarns, polyamide elastan yarns, aramid fabrics, aramid blended fabrics, polyamide staple fibers, staple fibers, polyamide continuous filament yarns, continuous filament yarns, fiber, yarn, fabric, polyamide fiber, nylon fiber
    Further to long term working experiences in production and sales in textile,we established Polystar Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi in 2007. Polystar Tekstil has
    Telephone: +90 212 669 30 78 Address: Şelale Cad., Spradon Quartz D3 Blok No.2, Bahçeşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • acrylic fiber dyes, chemicals, fabric dyes, optical brightener ofr polyamide fibers, polyamide fiber dyes, reactive adyes for cotton fibers, special chemicals, textile brighteners, textile chemicals, textile dyes, viscose fiber dyes, wool fiber dyes, yarn dyes
    Aysar was established in 2003 in Istanbul-Turkey for the textile industry and its requirements of the textile dyes and chemicals to provide the industry with the highest quality
    Telephone: +90 212 320 97 00 / +90 532 325 14 07 Address: Perpa, A Blok, Kat: 11, No: 1405, Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
  • knitted and woven ladies wear, knitted high value fabrics, ladies underwear, micro modal, polyamide, swim wear, viscose with lycra
    Telephone: 00902125103635 Address: Mevlevihane Cad. Fırın Sok. No. 4 Zeytinburnuistanbul, Turkey
  • textile, fabric, polyester, wool, viscose, polyamide, elastan
    Telephone: 3943711 Address: Özler Caddesi Ahmet Özel Türkay İş Merkezi Kat:1 No:5
  • weaving, domestic fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester fabrics, tencel fabrics, polyamide fabrics, cupro fabrics, jacquard fabrics, nylon fabrics, printed fabrics
    Telephone: 372 23 37 Address: Mine Sok. Demirtaş Dumlupınar Osb Mah. Osmangazi,
  • acrylic ­wool­ polyamide­ polyester blend fabrics, cotton woven fabrics, cotton woven fabric, cotton ­linen ­nylon blend fabrics, cotton ­viscose ­linen blend fabric, cotton ­viscose ­linen blend fabric, knitted polyester blend fabrics, polyester woven fabrics, polyester­ lurex ­lycra blend fabric, wool polyester acrylic blend fabrics
    knitted polyester blend fabrics for shirting, acrylic­wool­polyamide­polyester blend fabrics for shirting, cotton woven fabrics for shirting,
    Telephone: +90 212 232 21 09 Address: M. NEZİH ÖZMEN MAH. KIZILCIK SOK NO:16 A BLOK MERTER
  • woven cotton fabric, dobby, woven cotton polyester fabric, jacquard, printed fabric, yarn dyed fabric, cotton polyamide lycra fabric
    woven %100 cotton fabric, dobby, woven cotton-polyester fabric, jacquard, printed fabric, yarn dyed fabric, cotton-polyamide-lycra
    Telephone: (+90 224) 3760620  Address: Gürsu Org. San. Blg. Turgut Özal Cad. Gürsu 16000 Bursa , Turkey
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, thread, fancy yarn, knitwear yarn, yarn for socks, fabric yarn, acrylic yarn, wool yarn, cotton yarn, cotton blended yarn, knitted fabric yarn, supreme yarn, jersey fabric yarn, polyester yarn, metalic yarn, viscose yarn, acrylic blended yarn, acrylic polyamide yarn, bamboo blended yarn, ribbon yarn, tape yarn, caipo yarn, slub yarn, yarn with neps, multicolour dyed
    Keten Tekstil was established in 1993 to produce concept fancy yarn for knitwear companies, socks producers, fancy fabric producers and home textiles. Since 2008 The Company has
    Telephone: +90 212 422 06 25 – 422 08 47 – 422 79 15 Address: Yakuplu Mah. Haramidere Beysan San. Sit Birlik Cad. No:30 Beylikdüzü Istanbul, Turkey
  • printed woven fabrics, fabrics for fashion wear, cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, pigment dyed woven fabrics, cotton polyester blended fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics, cotton linen, reactive woven fabric, woven fabrics for fashion wear, cotton, polyamide, polyamide viscose, viscose blended woven fabrics, polyester fabrics, viscose fabrics, lycra fabrics
    printed woven fabrics, fabrics for fashion wear, cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, pigment dyed woven fabrics, cotton polyester blended fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics, cotton linen,
    Telephone: (+90 212) 5207935  Address: Kaputçular Sok. Hamdibey Geçidi No:10 Sultanhamam Eminönü 34112 İstanbul Turkey
  • cotton woven fabric, cotton linen woven fabric, polyester woven fabric, polyester polyamide woven fabric, cotton metalic woven fabric, polyester acrylic wool woven fabric, cotton polyester woven fabric, viscose rayon woven fabric, cotton polyamide woven fabric, rayon cotton woven fabric, fabric products
    100% cotton woven fabric, cotton-linen woven fabric, polyester woven fabric, polyester-polyamide woven fabric, cotton-metalic woven fabric, polyester-acrylic-wool woven fabric,
    Telephone: (+90 224) 2422292  Address: Org. San. Blg. Yeşil Cad. No:34/1 Nilüfer Bursa , Turkey
  • raw fabrics, dyed fabrics, woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyamide fabrics, polyviscose fabrics, polycottton fabrics, linen blended fabrics, fabric products
    raw fabrics, dyed fabrics, woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyamide fabrics, polyviscose fabrics, polycottton fabrics, linen-blended fabrics,
    Telephone: (+90 224) 7148129  Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Cad. No:24 İnegöl Bursa , Turkey
  • cotton fabrics, dyed fabrics, fabric, fabric products, fabric wholesaler, linen-blended fabrics, polyamide fabrics, polycottton fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyviscose fabrics, raw fabrics, viscose fabrics, woven fabrics
    raw fabrics, dyed fabrics, woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, polyester fabrics, polyamide fabrics, polyviscose fabrics, polycottton fabrics, linen-blended fabrics,
    Telephone: (+90 224) 7148129  Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 2. Cad. No:24 İnegöl Bursa , Turkey
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