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  • transportation, transportations, transport, transports, tanker, tankers, tanker truck, tanker trucks, petrol tanker, petrol tankers, dumptruck, dumptrucks, dumper, dumpers, means of transportation, means of transportations, fire extinguisher equipments, fire extinguisher equipment, wheel loader, wheel loaders, chemical carrier, chemical carriers, sewing machine, sewing machines, tires, wheel, wheels
    ACT Trade established in 1986 by Mr. Selim NURLU in Mersin/Turkey, started to operate throughout Asia, Europe, America and Middle East as a shipping agent in transit & local
    Telephone: +90 324 327 14 20 Address: Gazi Mahallesi, 2. Cadde, Bulvar Apt. No :1/1, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
  • printing, printing machines, printing machines, printers, printing presses, web press machines, pre-press machines, post-press machines, press machines, plate punching machines, sewing machines, cut-off machines, log stacker machines, folding machines, saddle stitching machines, bindery machines, 3 knife trimmer machines, trimmer machines, guillotine machines, printing machine, printing machine, printer, printing press, web press machine, pre-press machine, post-press machine, press machine, plate punching machine, sewing machine, cut-off machine, log stacker machine, folding machine, saddle stitching machine, bindery machine, 3 knife trimmer machine, trimmer machine, guillotine machine
    Basimsan ,for over 30 years, is serving the Turkish printing sector with imported used or new Press Machines and Printing Materials from abroad with Maximum Customer Satisfaction
    Telephone: +90 312 397 77 12 Address: İvedik OSB 1341. cd. Matbaacılar sit. no 44, Yenimahalle, ANKARA, TURKEY
  • fabric inspection, cutting, labels, ironing, paper, sewing machine, fusing pressing, cutter nylons, washing machines, dryers, enzymes, stones for washing
    We are a manufacturer company from
    Telephone: +902124384250 Address: Oruc Reis mah.Vadi cad.No:170/4502 Esenler/Istanbul/Turkey
  • carpet overlock machines, carpet machines, bathroom roll and halifleks overlok machines, blanket and fabric stitching machines, cutting sewing machines
    Telephone: 0090 3422255051 Address: TEKSTİLKENT MAH. DEMOKRASİ BLV. N:27/1 ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • textile accessories, rivets, buttons, snaps, snap systems, eyelets, metallic accessories, cardlocks, cordends, buckles, belt buckles, brass wire hooks, hooks, brass hooks, labels, logo lables, label threads, zippers, metal zippers, nylon zippers, delrin zippers, fashion rullers, rullers, snap fastening machines, button fastening machines, towel, bathrobe, beach towel, apparel, denim, snap fastener, jeans, denims, denim products, jacron, leather labels, towels, bath robes, trims, hat buckle, belt, rubber floor, rubber floor tiles, sbr, epdm, floor covering tiles, fabrics, embellishments, fringe, lace, ribbon, pleated trim, Ruffle Trim, Lace, Ribbon, Tapes, Cords, Bias Tape, Chiffon, Plush, Tassel, Fringe, Fur, Frill, Brocade, Braid, Haberdashery Products, Sewing Patch, Sequin, Beadwork, Pearl & Rhinestone Attaching to Fabric
    Since 1985. Our journey started with a small factory and store. Today, we are still expanding our production area to more than 10,000 sqm production and 3,000 sqm store. We are
    Telephone: +905438998903 Address: Karadeniz Mah., Ertugrul Cad., No: 22, Küçükköy, Gaziosmanpaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agricultural machine, agricultural machines, agricultural machinery, farm machine, farm machines, farm machinery, solid manure spreader, liquid manure spreader, fodder mixer, fodder spreader, manure spreader, trailers, silage packaging machine, sewing machine, roller mill bearing dissassemply pump, screw bearing, bottom scraper rubber, brush cleaner, filter diaphragm, rubber cover, jet filter bag, sheet trieur, sheet terso, sheet burr, vibro motors, vibro engine, reduction motor, pnoumatic syste
    Özyeşilyurt for Agricultural Machinery has been founded in 1969 by Mr Yusuf KOÇ. We started with trailers production then today we produces the following:- - Fodder Mixer
    Telephone: +90 332 444 14 92 Address: Konya OSB. Vezirköy Cad. No: 9, Selçuklu, Konya, Türkiye
  • packing machines, packaging machines, filling machines, automatic packing machines, automatic packaging machines, automatic filling machines, packing lines, filling lines, packaging lines, flour packaging lines, semolina packaging lines, table salt packaging lines, tea packaging lines, fine sugar packaging lines, sack filling machines, sack sewing machines, bag closing machines, bagging machines, automatic bagging machines, packing machineries, packaging machineries, filling machineries, automat
    SAGBIL PACKAGING MACHINES, founded in 1962 by M. Ali SAGBILI as a small shop in KONYA, TURKEY, served as a manufacturer of spare parts for industry of agriculture up to 1993. By
    Telephone: +90 332 239 11 22 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., 10668 Sk. No: 7/1, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • machine, machines, textile, clothing machinery, cutting machine, sewing machine, jumbo clothing machine, sack clothing machine, press, presses, sack bale press, sack blower equipment, strap adhesive pressing, handing blower equipment, textile machine, textile machines, textile machinery
    Sesveren Makina was founded in 1997 in Zile on a land of 50 m2. Believing in the fact that the mechanization is the future, the corporation introduced its electrical, electronics
    Telephone: +90 356 317 12 00 Address: Kahya Mah., Turhal Cad., No: 52, Zile, Tokat, Turkey
  • bakery machines, batteries, bolts, bottle filling, brick making machines, cables, concrete mixers, construction and building, cutting, diesel generators, dyeing machines, electric and electronics, electric motors, embroidery, excavators, expansion valves, food processing machinery, flour mill, generators, heavy duty generators, hospita applliances, hydraulics, inverters, lathes, leather tanning, metal processing machines, motors, natural gas generators, nuts, oil extraction, packaging machines, pipes, plastic extrusion, portable generators, power transformers, printing machines, pumps, rammers, recycling machines, regulators, sewing machines, solar heaters, solar lamps, solar panels, textile, textile machinery, transformers, ups, valves, vortex yarn, wind turbines, wire drawing, wires
    A Turkey based Engineering and innovation company that excels in fabrication, co-manufacturing of machinery and industrial products. We have accumulated experience, qualified
    Telephone: +90 322 802 41 70 Address: Yeşiyurt Mahallesi, Sokak:70119, No:4/1, Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
  • machines, machineries, construction machines, cranes, builder's winches, winches, construction cranes, construction machineries, gas concrete machines, bims machines, gas concrete block machines, cutting machines, iron cutting machines, profile cutting machines, metal sewing machines, metal disc saws, metal saws, saws, industrial aspirators, aspirators, reducer cranes, cooling systems, jib cranes, roof cranes, roof jib cranes, machine, machinery, construction machine, crane, builder's winch, win
    It was established in 1974 and today, it carries on the rightful pride of being the brand in the sector. Our company, which is based on a total area of ​​4000 square meters in
    Telephone: +90 533 344 55 77 Address: Örnek Sanayi Sitesi, 2 Nolu Cad., No: 14, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • sewing machine, sewing machines
    Telephone: 3123535880 Address: Demirhendek CD. Dikmeli SK. NO:5 / 3 ALTINDAĞ / ANKARA
  • textile machines, textile machinery and accessories, sewing machine, textile machines spare parts, sewing machines spare parts
    Telephone: (90)(212) 504 80 31 Address: KERESTECİLER SİT.FATİH CD. LADİN SK.NO:19/1 GÜNGÖREN
  • machine, sewing machines, machine spare parts, textile machines
    Telephone: (342) 231-14-15 Address: KURTULUŞ MAH. İNÖNÜ CAD. NO:184/A ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • Industrial Sewing Machines, Home Sewing Machines, Spare Parts, Sewing Consumables, Roller Systems, Labelling Machines, Irons
    Telephone: 90 (212) 511 23 81 Address: HACIKADIN MAH. KATİP ÇELEBİ CAD. NO:20 VEFA-UNKAPANI - İSTANBUL/ turkey
  • industrial sewing machines, second hand sewing machines, yarn cleaning systems, fabric cutting machines, iron, sewing tools
  • straight sewing machine, overlock machine, covering machine, straight sewing machines, overlock machines, covering machines
    Telephone: 0090 3422313991 Address: İSMETPAŞA MH. İNÖNÜ CD. NO:202 ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
  • industrial sewing machines, second hand sewing machines, yarn cleaning systems, fabric cutting machines, iron, sewing tools
    Telephone: (90)(212) 522 71 65 Address: UNKAPANI İMC.2.BLOK NO:2305
  • Machine Newlong, Sack Sewing Machines, Newstar, Union Special, Nylon Bag Closing Machine, Grain Moisture Measurement, Flour Mill Machine Equipments, Flour Machine Equipments, Flour Milling Machine Equipments, Flour Making Machine Equipments, Flour Milling Machines Equipments, Flour Mill Machine Equipments, Flour Packing Machine, Domestic Flour Mill Machine, Flour Mill Plant, Flour Milling Plant, Flour Plant, Wheat Flour Plant Equipments, Wheat Flour Processing Plant, Flour Processing Plant, Roller Flour Mill Plant
    Telephone: 90212 3203664 Address: Perpa A Blok Kat:7-8-9 NO:714 34384 Okmeydanı ŞİŞLİ-İSTANBUL-TURKEY
  • sewing machine, overlock machines, button sewing machine
  • Mattress Manufacturing Machines, Bed Production Machine, Liquid Filling Machines, Liquid Filling Machine, Furniture Manufacturing Machines, Furniture Production Machines, Furniture Machines, Cable Machines, Cable Machine, Pvc Doors And Windows Machines, Modular Panel Machinery, Cnc Router, Conveyor, Loading Systems, Automation, Sewing Industrial Machine, Machine Stitching, Industrial Machine, Commercial Sewing, Tailoring Machine, Brother Industrial, Machine Quilting, Machine, Sewing Parts, Machine Embroidery, Professional Sewing, Machine Leather, Bed, Bed Mattress, Sewing, Foam Memory Mattress, Used Sewing, Industrial Sewing, Foam Bedding, Machine Singer, Machinery, Singer Industrial, Used Mattress, Sewing Embroidery, Spring Mattress, Mattresses, Overlock Machines, Mattress Machine, Machine Computerized, Quality Mattress, Industrial Leather, Foam Cutting, Industrial Machines, Cnc, Factory Sewing, Machine Needles, Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Foam Machine, Foam Mattress, Spring Machine, Polyurethane, Sewing Machine
    Telephone: 903523212627 Address: Hacilar org san bol karpuz sekisi mah kopru sok no 205 hacilar /Kayseri / Turkey
  • mattress manufacturing machine, foam mattress manufacturers, mattress springs, foam mattress, quilting machines, quilting sewing machines, mattress machine, mattress making machine, mattress sewing machine, mattress quilting machine, mattress packing machine, mattress roll packing machine, mattress machines, mattress tape edge sewing machine, mattress sewing machine, mattress stitching machine, mattress quilting machine, mattress spring making machine, mattress border machine, mattress machine manufacturers, mattress flanging machine, mattress tufting machine, mattress machine, mattresses, bed mattress, commercial sewing, factory sewing, foam bedding, foam cutting, foam machine, foam mattress, foam memory mattress, machine computerized, machine embroidery, machine leather, machine needles, machine quilting, machine stitching, overlock machines, polyurethane, professional sewing, quality mattress, sewing, sewing embroidery, sewing industrial machine, sewing machine, sewing parts, spring machine, spring mattress, tailoring machine
    Telephone: 0903523222010 Address: Organize san bol 52 kayseri/Turkey
  • textile machinery, sewing machines, fabric making, yarn making, yarn production machines, fabric making machines
    Telephone: 262 54 72 Address: Barakfaki Mh. 7. Cad. No:1-3-5 Kestel
  • band cutting machines, printing machines, pocket mounting automation, double needles, multi needle machines, bag mouth machine, button machine, straight sewing machines, electronic sewing machines, house type sewing machines, yarn cleaning machines, cutting machines and knife types, sleeved, bridge preparation machine, bridge automation, overlock, cutting machine, trouser auto, tacking, reshing group, tandem sewing machine, tela presi, zik zak machines, chain sewing machines, carpet overlock machine
    Telephone: 90(212)538 89 95 Address: ESKİ EDİRNE ASFALTI POLİGON CD.1001 SK. NO:10/A 500 EVLER
  • sewing machines, sewing needle, garments, textile, textiles, textile products, clothing
  • sewing machines
  • straight sewing machines, double needle machines, zigzag machines, buttonhole machines, button machines, column machines, flat bed machines, cantilever machines, chain machineries, welding machines, tegel machines, splitterless machines, overlock machines
    Telephone: (90)(212) 637 06 29 Address: KERESTECILER SIT.FATIH C. YU KSEK S.NO.10 GÜNGÖREN
  • dough machine, bakery machine, food processing machine, rms trakon dough on system, dough machines on reserves, noodles cutting machine, drying irrigation equipment dough, pulp moulding machines, kneading machines, dough on machines, textile machine, knitting iron, side sewing machine, hat iron, ironing for models, tile ironing, textile processing machinery, textile machinery industry, textile machinery exhibition, textile industry machinery, garment machine
    Telephone: 90 (212) 549 82 70 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Triko Center Sanayi Sitesi M 7 Blok No:125-126 İkitelli - İstanbul - Turkey
  • needle punch, sewing machine, sewing machines, fabric cut machines, table lamp, tape, winding frame, textile consumables
    Telephone: (90)(212) 511 55 33 Address: ATATÜRK BULVARI İMÇ 3.BLOK NO:3505 FATİH
  • sewing machine, sewing machines, accessories for sewing machines
    Telephone: (90)(212) 511 86 63 Address: I.M.C. 4.BLOK NO:4216 FATİH
  • Sewing, Sewing Embroidery, Sewing Equipment, Sewing Industrial Machine, Sewing Machine, Sewing Parts, Industrial Leather, Industrial Machine, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Machines, Industrial Sewing, Industrial Use
    Telephone: 90 212 477 21 58 Address: Poligon cad. No:15Gaziosmanpaşa/İstanbul/TURKEY
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